Tovertafel (Magic Table)

A table that stimulates physical and social activity for people with dementia and learning problems

Tovertafel (Magic Table) is an interactive game that connects people and playfully stimulates physical activity. The Tovertafel is a table on which light animations are
projected that respond to hand and arm movements.  Several different games can be played.

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These games provide a vivid and positive experience for people with dementia. It invites them to play, individually, or with others, and encourages interaction with their caregivers and relatives.

Most people with dementia are very passive. This apathy has an enormous effect on their physical-, mental- and emotional wellbeing. Tovertafel initiates interaction, which counter-balances the lack of self-initiation that is typical of their condition. It also provides frequent
reminders to focus the participants’ attention on their current task. Tovertafel is also recommended for people with severe learning diffculties.


The results of working with Tovertafel are promising: we see an increase of positive emotions and social activity and a significant increase in physical activity. We have started more large-scale studies and we are very open to cooperation with institutions who want to do further research in this area.

Tovertafel is available in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. We expect to launch a new edition of the Tovertafel specially designed for children with autism in early 2017.

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Active Cues

Tovertafel is a product of Active Cues and was first developed by Hester Le Riche MSc., in close collaboration with people suffering from dementia, their relatives and care givers, the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology and the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology of the VU University of Amsterdam.


Active Cues would be delighted to explain more about its projects. Please contact us.

Active Cues
Sjoerd Wennekes
Mobile: + 31 (0)6 43 833 084


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