The new public-private sports platform: SportsNL

Changing the Game together! With this slogan, sports organisations, the business community, civil society organisations, and Dutch government are now internationally joined in SportsNL.

Dutch indoor track cyclists

Dutch top sectors have an international strategy, but the international interests surrounding sports were not yet organised as such. Through regular coordination with various private and public organisations, SportsNL ensures that the various international initiatives reinforce
each other.

Major sports events such as the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris may be interesting from a sporting and diplomatic point of view; they also provide an opportunity to Dutch companies to offer technologies or services to build the Olympic Village or the new Olympic swimming pool.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2020 SportsNL has been developed with various public and private partners. Not only does the new sports platform offer the opportunity for coordination and consultation, but it has also formulated a joint vision, supported by all members: in 2030, the Netherlands will be seen worldwide as the partner for an inclusive, sustainable, and innovative sports experience. This is expressed and translated into social sports programmes, sustainable and innovative sports products, and infrastructure.

Identify opportunities

Collaboration on an international level is certainly not new. For example, various international programmes on sports have been organised in recent years, for example in Brazil, India, Qatar, and China.
However, more profit can be made by developing a strategy and making joint choices for the countries in which cooperation provides much-added value. For example, the international network of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Health, Welfare and Sport offers a great deal of opportunity to help Dutch sports organisations internationally, but also to build relationships and identify opportunities for Dutch business and knowledge institutions.

Social themes

Also, sports offers the opportunity to work on various social themes such as health and inclusivity. Through a multi-year approach and cooperation, SportsNL wants to ensure that international cooperation around the sport is better organised, creating more sustainable cooperation and relationships with regards to mutual international interests. The SportsNL network offers an opportunity for various network partners to join existing initiatives or to share new initiatives with the network.

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