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Running: the fun way to become and stay healthy

Running is an effective way to get and stay healthy and to lose extra weight. And the good thing about running: you can do it wherever, whenever and with whoever you want.

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Yakult Start to Run is a seven-week course for all new runners from 16 years upwards. In addition, children 12 to 15 years old can participate if supported by an adult. Yakult Start to Run offers a programme for people who want to start running in a group, and a programme for groups of people who want to start running in an accessible, responsible and enjoyable way, under expert guidance. Research shows that running in a group is an important context and a stimulant for the continuation and intensification of practicing the sport of running (van Bottenburg & Hover, 2009).

Over our seven-week programme, we coach people starting from scratch. At the end of the program, they are able to run for 25 minutes continuously.


Nike started the programme in the Netherlands in 2002, and the Atletiekunie took it over in 2007. We offer our courses at approximately 130 locations. So far, more than 100,000 participants (runners) have joined our programme. We welcome around 8,000 new runners every year.

Our organisation

Start to Run was set up by the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation (Atletiekunie) in close cooperation with Yakult. We work with over 400 professional coaches.

Do you want to promote running in your country and are you interested in our program? Please come and talk to us.


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