Sport and PA in the community

National programme: Sport and physical activity close to home

The Dutch Government aims to make it easier for people to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. It has set up a programme on sport and physical activity close to home, including three main tools.

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1 – Neighbourhood Sports Motivators

Community Sports Motivators (in Dutch: Buurtsportcoaches, previously known as ‘Sport Liaison Officers’) are tasked with motivating people of all ages to take up sport or become more physically active. The motivators not only operate in the sports sector (i.e. sports clubs), but also in social sectors (such as within education, care organisations, or child care). Extra funding has been made available to municipal authorities for recruiting Community Sports Motivators. Municipalities will also contribute from their own funds.

2 – Sport Impulse: grants for sport and exercise projects

Sport Impulse grants are intended for sports clubs, fitness centres and other sports providers to set up activity programmes for sedentary or low participation groups. The main requirement is that they work together with local community partners, such as schools, care organisations, child care centres and the business community. The projects must be aimed at one of three target groups: sedentary people, overweight children, and young people in low-income neighbourhoods. The maximum grant period is two years. After that, the activity should continue without funding from the Dutch

3 – Sharing expertise

There are several ways in which municipal authorities and sport providers can learn about motivating people to become more physically active, such as at regional meetings for sharing knowledge and the annual expertise day at national level. Central Government has made agreements with the sport sector and municipal authorities about activities in the programme.

Organisation in charge

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) is responsible for this national programme. Partners are: VSG (Federation of Municipalities), NOC*NSF, ZonMw and the Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands.


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