Paralympic sports policy in the Netherlands

Regional incentive for stimulation of disabled sport

NOC*NSF has set itself the goal of getting as many people with a disability as possible to participate in sport, as close as possible to their homes. Our motto: together wherever possible and only separate if that is the only option.

Participating in sports is not a matter of course for people with a disability. NOC*NSF continuously stimulates local sports councils to match supply and demand. Main points of interest are personal support and the improvement of important constraints such as transport options, participation costs and sports supply in the area.

NOC*NSF and the affiliated sports associations strive for a higher sports participation amongst people with a disability, by creating a nationwide structure of regional collaboration with regard to disabled sport.


It has been shown that the presence of local sports service desks results in a higher sports participation amongst people with a disability and an increase of local sports supply. The service desk is a spider in the web and functions as a central information and support point, both for people with a disability as for clubs that like to offer required facilities.

We offer know-how and experience in connecting demand, supply and constraints in a structured way, in order to stimulate people with a physical or mental handicap to participate in sports.

In elite-level sport, it is our ambition to rank among the top-ten of sport countries of the world. During the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro the Paralympic team gathered 62 medals, resulting in the 7th position at the medal ranking behind superpowers like China, the USA and the UK.


Should you be interested in this concept of regional co-operation, you are invited to contact NOC*NSF.

Paralympic Sports Policy NL
Rita van Driel
Telephone: + 31 (0)26 483 44 00





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