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2Helping physically handicapped children to engage in sports

Frank Jol is an orthopaedics expert and is specialised in making sports prosthetics for athletes. His mission is that living a healthy life that includes engaging in sports, should be possible for almost everybody.

Frank Jol/OIM kinder blade dag

This requires more than just a wheelchair or prosthesis. The wheelchair or prosthesis must be made-to-measure, and should be adjusted again and again, because the needs
of the user alter through the years. Children grow, gain or lose weight, as they become stronger, or because they want to push their boundaries further.


From 1998 onwards, Frank Jol has been actively engaged in the Paralympics. He is an official supplier of the Netherlands Para-athletics Team 2016 and is well-known as the man behind the blades of runner Marlou van Rhijn. Frank Jol is participating in Talent United, a network organisation in the North of the Netherlands that coaches
and promotes young sports talents aged 14 to 21.

During the Summer of 2016, Frank Jol organised a successful side-event at the European Athletics Championships, at which a group of children with leg amputations had a chance to run with blades for the first time.

More about Frank Jol

Frank Jol is a technician with more than 25 years of experience in developing prostheses. He set up his own company and recently partnered with OIM Orthopaedics, a company with 22 branches all over the Netherlands and more than 46,000 customers. Frank uses the latest technologies for his prostheses, such as incorporating carbon fibre and aluminium.

Want to work with Frank Jol?

Frank Jol would loves to talk about his plans. He also
welcomes new ideas of how to raise awareness and funding
to promote sports and sports prostheses for children.


Please contact Frank Jol or visit his Facebook page.

Frank Jol



Mobile: + 31 (0)6 50 203 452

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