Netherlands Olympic Committee*Netherlands Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) is the main organisation for organised sports in the Netherlands. NOC*NSF has 90 affiliated members (77 governing bodies and 13 associated organisations) representing nearly 24,000 sports clubs with a total of 5,2 million members.

NOC*NSF is the main umbrella organisation for sports in the Netherlands. It is our mission to create optimal circumstances for everyone who aspires to take part in sport and physical activities, from recreational sportsmen and sportswomen to elite athletes and from people with an impairment to volunteers and fans. It is our ambition to keep sports an essential part of Dutch society with high sports participation numbers and excellent performances of our elite athletes.

Diversity and inclusion

As the national Olympic and Paralympic committee and as the main organisation for sports for all in the Netherlands, we have a long and profound experience, extensive knowledge, and a comprehensive network in the Netherlands and abroad.

The sports participation percentage in the Netherlands is among the highest in the world. We focus on people who are, for any reason, not physically active, we remove barriers to join a club (Open Club model), and embrace diversity and inclusion. Paralympic sports and people with impairments are an integrated and important part of our strategy and activities. TeamNL has put Dutch sports in a firm place within the top 10 of the international medal ranking. This is due to the high standard of the five national training centres (Centra Voor Topsport en Onderwijs), innovation, research, and cooperation with national and international partners.

Worldwide sports partner

We are dedicated to developing sports worldwide even further. We are committed to cooperating with current and new partners to improve international sports and sports activities, and to serve as an advocate for good governance, inclusion, and sustainability.

With our social inclusion projects such as the Game Changer project in Tokyo and the World2Win project in Senegal, we use the power of sport to make the world a better place.

In the field of sporting events, we readily share our knowledge of innovation of advanced world and continental championships to make events worldwide even more attractive for athletes, fans, event organisers, and media.

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