Roadmap Sustainable Sports

Contribution to Paris Climate Agreement

In January 2020, the Dutch sports sector took an important step in its contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, NOC*NSF (National Olympic Committee*The Netherlands Sports Federation), the provinces, and a representation of Dutch sports entrepreneurs have signed the Roadmap Sustainable Sports.

visual of roadmap sustainable sports

The Roadmap will help and motivate all Dutch municipalities and sports clubs to become fully sustainable, and make their sports facilities and locations future-proof. With this Roadmap, the sports sector shows that it is committed to the Paris Agreement, and that it will take the lead
in making social real estate future-proof. For instance, in 2050 all sports accommodations must be low-carbon.

Early results

Even though the Roadmap is a long-term instrument and only started in 2020, we can already share some early results:

  • More than 600 sports clubs have already signed up for a (subsidised) counselling process
  • Task forces have been formed for the three pillars of the Roadmap: CO2 reduction, circularity, and environmentally friendly field management (including Integrated Pest Management)
  • These task forces regularly meet with municipalities and suppliers.

The Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity Netherlands has launched an online platform offering inspiring case studies and best practices, tools, and news articles. In November 2020, we have even launched an innovative virtual game for policy advisors about ‘greening the sports’ in municipalities. Our team of experts advises and informs owners of sports accommodations. We share our knowledge through webinars, in news articles, and at trade fairs. We also participate in the three task forces.


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