Special Heroes

A sports promotion programme for children with disabilities

Special Heroes enables children with physical or mental disabilities to experience the fun of sports. Special Heroes offers children the chance to get acquainted with a sport of their choice and join a sports club.

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Special Heroes

The programme begins within the special education school. Special Heroes works closely with sports clubs nearby many schools. Coaches from sports clubs offer different types of sports in the school. This creates the opportunity for children to get acquainted with sports, and then later continue exercising and practicing sports as a member of a sports club.

We guide schools in implementing the programme and in developing a network of qualified sports clubs. We train and coach these sports clubs in working with youth with
disabilities. We also advise municipalities in developing policies and plans for young people with disabilities. Finally, we challenge companies to take Corporate Social
Responsibility in this area.


Over the past five years, 40,000 children with disabilities, 400 special education schools, 500 sports clubs, 180 municipalities and 50 companies have participated in the program.
15% more young people with disabilities participated in sports and 85% of the special education schools adopted the Special Heroes programme on a long-term basis.

More about Special Heroes

Special Heroes works closely together with NOC*NSF (the organisation for organised sports in the Netherlands), Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands and the PO-raad (organisation of primary education).


Are you interested in setting up a similar programme in your country? Do you want to know more about us? Please contact us for more information.

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