High Performance Centres

For elite athletes

NOC*NSF, the main organisation for organised sports in the Netherlands, strives for an optimal support of Dutch elite sports athletes. Therefore, it has developed an elite sports infrastructure, in co-association with regional sports federations. The infrastructure exists of five High Performance Centres (HPCs) that each strive to create optimal conditions to support the national high performance sports and talent programmes from the sports federations.

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The responsibility for vision and policy lies within NOC*NSF as a sports umbrella organisation. However, we work together with regional parties to facilitate HPCs and deploy the right experts. The HPCs allow athletes to live, train, and study in one location in a high performance sports culture with the best coaches and experts.

For the five HPCs, NOC*NSF works together with five regional organisations, mostly public parties, which, in addition to the deployment of financial resources and the appointment of experts, take on all the coordination for the daily training setting of talented athletes and elite athletes. They are also responsible for housing, providing meals, transport and – elite sport-friendly – education for athletes.

We have developed five fields of expertise: nutrition, strength & conditioning, (para) medical services, performance behaviour, sport science & innovation. An HPC supplies lifestyle, study, and (after) career coaching for both athletes and coaches.
The coordination of all facilities and amenities requires good coordination between NOC*NSF, the sports associations, and the HPCs. The sports federations remain responsible at all times for the elite sports and training programmes. In this triangle, we train approximately 1,500 talented and elite athletes in full-time sports programmes every day.

Delivering elite athletes and social relevance

The elite sports infrastructure forms the foundation for the training of athletes and the top 10 ambition of NOC*NSF. Despite the high level of satisfaction among sports associations with the daily training setting, the deployment of experts, and other facilities offered by HPCs, the facilitation of top sport requires continuous attention and improvement to remain the best.

The challenge of the HPCs is also to develop social relevance. This includes the responsibility to achieve a safe sports climate in a continuously changing societal playing field. Elite sport sets an example in this respect. Our rich network us the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with other environments in which children develop and learn.

Sharing visions and knowledge internationally

NOC*NSF is a member of ASPC (Association of Sports Performance Centres). On this platform, we share our knowledge and expertise. Many other Olympic Committees have visited one of the Dutch HPCs in the last years. We are very pleased that we can share our vision and strategy about high performance management.

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