GreenSource combines artificial grass with clean and safe drinking water

Real grass or artificial turf is needed for sports like football. In a warm and dry climate, providing either can be a problem. GreenSource comes with a solution that simultaneously tackles the issues of grass and limited clean drinking water through combination of artificial turf and a sustainable and environmentally-friendly water source. Not a ‘one size fi ts all’ formula, but a made-to-measure solution.

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GreenSource believes that sports and clean and safe drinking water are both essential for our health. In a warm climate, water is required to cool artificial turf, but clean and safe water is scarce. Water can be collected in basins with artifi cial grass on top and then purified. The top of the basins can be used for sports; the water in the basins can
be used for drinking. GreenSource supplies the basins and installs them in cooperation with local partners and trains local companies to maintain the system. Once the local
partners are acquainted with the system, GreenSource withdraws to leaves them in charge.


GreenSource developed its system in 2011 and has been testing and improving it over the past years, in different countries, under different circumstances, with excellent results. Twenty GreenSource-basins are installed in the North West of South Africa. Further projects are currently planned in India, China and South America. Potential partners in Argentina, Chile en Brazil have also expressed an interest.

About GreenSource

GreenSource is a partnership of several Dutch- and African companies: Ten Cate (artifi cial turf), Pentair (water purification), Drainproducts (sustainable water management),
Mmapula (education), Royal Turf Investments (system integrator) and Saxion University (education).


We like to share our knowledge about artificial turf and clean water. Please contact us for more information.

Rozanne van Vliet
Mobile: + 31 (0)6 52 723 911

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